Roulette Players

This roulette game combines top-notch features and winnings, making it ideal for any player!

The game runs continuously, following a conveyor belt model, operating 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with approximately 4 games per hour. This equates to a new game starting every 15 minutes. Each game consists of a 1-minute ticket sales phase, followed by 13 spins. Afterward, there’s a 1-minute break for players to prepare for the next game.

Furthermore, in any gaming room, the game concludes with one or three winners depending on the game’s conditions and events, and the winning numbers are the same across all rooms.

The game features one room for Fun Play and four rooms for real money play.

The basic principle of this game is that players choose their gaming room and purchase a specific game ticket for the room they wish to play in, thus contributing to the game’s winning pool.

System %: represents our percentage of interest from the game.

Referrals %: represents the percentage received from the sale of each ticket for those who refer players to our game. We do not use an external affiliate; in other words, our players refer other new players.

Winners%: represents the percentage allocated to the winners.

Money Returned to Players = 100% – System %, considering that Referrals, as well as Winners, are all our players.

Depositing funds into your gaming account takes just minutes, while earnings from referrals and winnings can be withdrawn anytime. We process withdrawals daily, and upon special requests, we can expedite your withdrawals within an hour.