This is the place where making money is not just possible, but guaranteed.

Every 15 minutes, we guarantee winnings for 1 to 6 players in each gaming room.

This means 384 to 2,304 winners per day in our four real money rooms.

All of this is possible thanks to our Sprinter-Stayers Multiplayer Roulette Game.

Each game lasts for 15 minutes, followed by the next one.

This occurs 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with four games per hour.

The game runs simultaneously across all five gaming rooms: one for practice and the other four rooms for real money.

Our game is entirely different:

Players do not compete against the casino; they play against each other, making this a social multiplayer roulette game.

Players join by buying tickets. They choose a room, purchase a ticket, and contribute to that room’s prize pool. More players mean a larger prize pool.

Before joining, players choose between Individual Play Mode, where the winner keeps all the winnings, and Fan Support Play Mode, where the winner shares half of their winnings with another player, enhancing the game’s social value.

Fan Support Play Mode is the perfect option for content creators on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Chaturbate, Bongacams, and others. It allows them to bring their fans into our game and receive real support through gameplay.

Fans can join Fun Room for the social aspect of the game and Real Money Rooms to financially support their favorite content creators.

Other key features of our game:

Seamless Transactions with Crypto Currencies:

Quickly deposit and withdraw your gaming funds or referral earnings with crypto currencies, ensuring swift and convenient transactions.

Diverse Gaming Rooms:

Choose from a variety of gaming rooms tailored to your preferences, including the Fun Room for practice and rooms for real-money play.

Reinvest Your Winnings for Bigger Prizes:

Reinvest your winnings for a chance to play in rooms with larger prize funds, maximizing your potential for even greater rewards.

Transparent and Fair Gameplay:

Our game operates with full transparency, providing detailed logs of every player’s actions to ensure fairness and integrity at every step.

Progressive House Edge:

Benefit from a decreasing house edge as you progress through different gaming rooms, maximizing your potential winnings.

Earn Referral Rewards:

Refer your friends or fans to the game and earn referral rewards based on their gameplay, further enhancing your gaming experience.

Ready to Play?

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For More Information:

Explore our Full Guide for a comprehensive overview of the game.