Our game operates as a tournament-style competition, where players vie against each other for the prize pool of the game room.

This pool is funded by the tickets purchased specifically for that room.

Tournament Structure:

  1. Game Phases:
    • Pre-Game: Purchase your game ticket and get ready for the competition.
    • The-Actual-Game: Place bets and compete for winnings.
    • Post-Game: Review the results and prepare for the next game.
  2. Game Progression and Determining Winners:
    • Rounds and Stages: The game consists of 13 rounds, each with multiple stages, including placing bets, generating the winning number, and distributing winnings.
    • Sprinter Mode vs. Stayers Mode: The game can end in two different ways, influencing how winnings are redistributed.
  3. Game Modes and Game End:
    • Stayers Mode: Winnings are shared among the three players with the highest balances.
    • Sprinter Mode: One player wins the entire prize pool when they reach or exceed a specific virtual balance.
  4. Confirming Game Play Mode:
    • When a player selects a game room and clicks the “Join Game” button, a form appears where the player confirms the Game Play Mode: Individual Play Mode or Fan Support Play Mode.
      • Individual Play Mode: The player plays solo, and any winnings are theirs alone.
      • Fan Support Play Mode: Winnings are evenly split with the designated partner.
      • Note: The Game Play Mode depends on the player’s account settings.
  5. Resetting the Game:
    • Players can restore their balance to the initial value, allowing them to reset the game with the same chances of winning.

For more information about all our tournaments, please visit Community Events & Tournaments.