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X8VS1 Full Guide


Welcome to X8VS1 Full Guide


X8VS1 is one of our latest software for numbers analyze.

You should know that we have also other roulette software based on the same idea.

I talk about AVSB, AVSB Pro, X2VS1, X3VS1 also RNG Studio which is used to generate RNG modules.

Click on "Start" button.


Now you can see X8VS1 console.


I am sure you will want to say that it has many common things with other roulette analyze software we have.

You are right because X8VS1 can play in the same time like AVSB or X2VS1 or X3VS1 and even much more.

Do not forgot it is based on 8 analyze modules with an option to select how many analyze modules you want to use.


Now let configure X8VS1 for our first session.


1. Set RNG Modules.

Click on "Set RNG Modules" button and select there all 8 RNG modules you will use during the game.


Load RNG 1



Load RNG 2



Load RNG 3



Load RNG 4



Load RNG 5



Load RNG 6



Load RNG 7