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X3VS1 Full Guide



Before to start with X3VS1 tutorial I think you will want to know what type of software is this and what it can do.


First of all you should know that this is a software based on numbers analyze and it is based on Red and Black bets.

I am sure you will want to say me that we already have some software based on the same idea and I want to tell you that you are right but in the same time I want to tell you that it is quite different than the other our products if to refer to AVSB or AVSB Pro.


The most appropiate software to X3VS1 is X2VS1 and if to compare both then I can say that both software do the same thing but them works different.


Once X2VS1 allow from two analyze modules to select real time one active analyze modules then the last X3VS1 run 3 analyze modules and based on results from all 3 analyze modules decide where to bet.


Click on "Start" button and let go.


This is X3VS1.

You will want to say that it is similar to X2VS1 but if to look more closely then you will see the difference.


Now let move forward and configure X3VS1 for it first session.


1. Select Casino


Click on "Select Casino" button and a new form will pop up.


By the way this is the roulette table for which we will configure X3VS1.