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X2VS1 - Full Guide


Welcome to our first X2VS1 Full Guide

After you will click on Start button, X2VS1 will start.

Before to continue with our guide let see what can do X2VS1.

First of all you should know that this is a software based on numbers analyze even if it place bets on Red and Black.

You should know that we have also some other software based on numbers analyze.

I talk about AVSB,AVSB Pro, X3VS1, X8VS1 also about RNG Studio which is used to create rng modules.


So you started X2VS1 now let see how it should be configured properly.


1. Select Casino


So just click on "Select Casino" button and a new form will show up.

The most important thing here is to select the right casino and enter correctly the chips.


In order to understand how this should be done correctly I will show you also the casino roulette table.