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Winner Roulette Scam Update 31 August 2018:

We talk about the same winner roulette scam scheme this time located on another site:

Yesterday I made a review of another roulette scam called Roulette Pred 7 Scam

Both are scams based on the same principle: so you can win in fun mode and will lose in real money mode.

In order to avoid to be scammed simple read this post till the end and you will understand what is all about.

Roulette Winner Software, Winner Roulette Software or Roulette Software EU does not matter how it is called this is 100% roulette scam and believe me it is not the first one.

In my previous post I told you about a big network of such roulette scams!

Click here -> for the link

If before a such type of roulette scam was available only for English market then at this time it is available also for German market and I am sure this is not the end.

Let continue our review with the fact that winner roulette or roulette winner software is 100% scam.

This is a long story so German roulette players be careful you will fall into scam!

To be sure this is an old roulette scam please check some of my old reviews like: roulette money maker scamroulette clapper scamroulette beater scam all are based on the same idea and all are controlled from the same location called Nigeria.

roulette forum

More information about Winner Roulette Scam you can find on Money Maker Machine Forum

So there a member of that Forum posted step by step a full investigation related to how Winner Roulette scam operate.

Winner Roulette Software enables win over 3300 Euro in a few minutes!

“The program has delivered a solid performance.
We were surprised, the algorithm of this software is obviously very interesting.
Just looking to gain several thousand Euro in a few minutes, which we now do not see every day.
Although we other gains are already accustomed.
So try out the tool, as always issued free of charge to download.
Here you can see the casinos where the program came out on top.
A look at the table below.
We have purchased the program and in the folder contains an activation key.
Simply insert this in the program.
That’s it! PS:
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Verdict on Winner Roulette:

As I said before Winner Roulette is a full proved scam.

It appeared 10 years ago and it still works and make good money for Nigerian Roulette scammers and its partners.

If you ever will search in Google for Winner Roulette and will get this site or possible some other based on the same idea please avoid them.

Finally do not forgot about our Roulette Scam Section and let other know about it.