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Here I will present you a list of top roulette scams which are still active by December 2017 and many of them will go also for 2018.

You can take a quick look also you can read all my reviews in order to protect yourself from most dangerous top roulette scams.

For sure these are not all roulette scams and many other new are on the way to be discovered.

The most common type of roulette scams are FUN/REAL mode scams which mean the player win always in fun mode but lose in real money mode.

Also a new type of roulette scams are roulette communities scams which are no more than casino affiliate schemes.

This is TOP Roulette SCAMS List:

Gold Roulette Software Review
Roulette Plus Scam Warning
Roulegenius scam Warning
RouleMind Losers? More than 100?
Roulette Profit Master Scam
Gold Roulette Software Scam
Technigroup scam vs Roulette Software News
Privatis Club Scam vs Futura Capital
Privatech Scam vs Futura Capital Scam
Roulette Affiliate Scam on Futura Capital
RouleMind Roulette Software Investigation
Futura Capital Scam 100%
ROULEMIND Scam or Not?
Roulette Hit Scam Investigation
Roulette Bot Plus Scam
RXsector Roulette Software Review
Smart Watch Roulette Software Review
Winner Roulette Software Review
RMatrix Roulette Software Review
Enygmista Roulette Software Review
Reviews Roulette Scam
Roulette Software News Scam
Roulette Labs Scam
Roulette Fair Scam
Roulette Software Scam
Banned roulette system

Verdict on top roulette scams:

What I will recommend to all are to not be lazy and check all my links so in future a lot of money will be saved.

If you do not trust me simple check all these top roulette scams on other forums.

Please pay attention to the fact that all top roulette scams come with a big network of sites which advertise them very hardly.

As a trusted roulette forum please check also Money Maker Machine Forum because I used it as a first source of information.

Do not forget the best and primary source of information always is Google so just check anything carefully.