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Super Roulette Review was done in 2009 by Money Maker Machine

MMM is the biggest worldwide provider of roulette tools for online and live roulette players.

This site provided us also with another set of reviews related to other roulette sites which we will post soon.

For the moment enjoy this review and try to understand why you are still a loser and no guarantee that you will be able to change himself but who knows.

Before to continue please check my roulette scams section and see that Super Roulette is one of them.


So if somebody will ask why I do this then you know the answer.

So let start: SUPER ROULETTE

Related to the idea that this is the single bot that work with live dealer then this is a big mistake.

I know several gambling bots like this which can do the same.

Related to the idea that it is the single bot which may work with no-zero roulette then this is second mistake.

I saw several roulette bots which can do the same.

Related to 9 pre-made systems then this is nothing.

How 9 can’t be more then 2000 our roulette systems from RBS-Red/Black Roulette Systems Studio?

Also the 9 can’t be more than 200 our roulette systems from DCS-Dozen and Columns Roulette Systems Studio.

And finally 9 never will be more then 50 our free scripts made with Roulette Scripter Studio and this is not a limit.

Related that it is full automated then this is nothing new.

MMM Network develop full automated roulette tools already for several years.

So I still didn’t see something new.

Related to Artificial Intelligence then this is the Joke of the year.

As you know we have smart and stupid people.

Also I can say that we have winners and losers so the same we can have here with AI.

The option to have Artificial Intelligence don’t mean nothing except that this bot will lose your money very quickly and intelligently.

If you don’t believe me and you have your single 100$ that you can afford to lose then you can do this.


Because if you start to use it then this mean you are super loser because only super losers use super roulette.

So just try and write in your passport an additional field related to your status.

I mean to write that you are full life loser and unfortunately this can’t be changed because super roulette was made to attract losers so if you paid for it then you accept this fact.

Yes you have a chance to solve this and to change you life and to start all from begin.
Just ask for the refund.
If the owner don’t want to give you the refund then show to you that you can be smart.

So all is simple because today you will decide if you is loser or winner.

I hope this will convince you what you must do if not then let continue our site investigation.

Now let see what the owner wrote in the “About SUPER ROULETTE” page.

I wasn’t able to find something new or something interesting about Roulette Bandit.

But I like the idea related to how the money can be stolen.

Do you know when?

I can tell you that this will be done when you will sleep or work.

The same principle follow every burglar.

So don’t work and don’t sleep if you want to be safe. Just a joke.

Now I am going to read Why page.

I think the seller want to tell me why I should buy his winning roulette system.

I want to tell you that all roulette sellers start with the fake history related to their childhood.

Here I mean that all will tell you that prior to release their own roulette system they bought a lot of another roulette systems.

Believe me people who make such roulette systems are usually IT related people and they never bought any systems because these are smart people and their mind always work in another direction not like the gambler mind.

So believe me they never bought any roulette systems and never will do.

If somebody bought any roulette systems then these are only gamblers like you.

Now let move to the next page called “Latest Results”