Sprinter-Stayers Roulette Documentation

Sprinter-Stayers Roulette Documentation

About The Game

Sprinter Stayers Roulette is a game that can be used for both entertainment and gambling in video chat rooms.

One unique aspect of this game is that fans from various video chat rooms can come together in a shared gaming space, where the prize pool becomes collective, formed from the contributions of those who purchase tickets.

As a result, this game offers a collective experience and more opportunities for earnings for video chat rooms.

The screens below illustrate the game when 1000 players join each game room and how the prize pool is formed through ticket sales.

We are talking about a game that usually lasts around 15 minutes. This means we have 4 games in an hour and 96 games in a day. If we consider 4 real-money game rooms, each with 3 winners, this means 288 winners in 24 hours. It is important to mention that this game is designed for video chat fans to have maximum fun, and the ultimate beneficiaries are the video chat rooms themselves.

Game Rules

This guide will help you explore every aspect of the game in detail, step by step, for a complete understanding.

Choosing the Game Room:
– Selecting the game room influences both the ticket price and potential winnings.
– To start the game in each room, there is a minimum and maximum number of players required.

Game Start:
– The game consists of 13 rounds, and each player begins with an initial virtual balance of 2000 units.
– Each round involves placing bets, generating the winning number, analyzing bets, and distributing winnings.
– The game ends upon the completion of the last round and the clear determination of the 3 winners.

Immediate Game Termination:
– If, in any of the rounds, a player reaches a balance of 5513 units or more and is the only player with the highest balance in that room, then the game ends, and that player becomes the sole winner of the entire prize pool in that room.

Game Extension:
– If in the final round there are two or three players with equal balances, the game enters extended mode and continues until the 3 winners are clearly determined.

Game Reset:
– The game reset option can be used anytime you wish and allows you to start a new game with an initial virtual balance of 2000 units.
– To use this option, exit the game and then return, which also means the automatic purchase of a new game ticket.

– Sprinter Stayers Roulette offers a unique experience where the choice of the room and playing style are essential.

Installation Guide

The steps users can take to navigate through SmartScreen when installing a trusted application:

1. File Download:

If you already have the setup file, click Open.

2. SmartScreen Warning:
When you attempt to run the downloaded file, a SmartScreen warning might appear, alerting you that the file might be unsafe.

Click on More info.

3. Confirmation:

If you are confident in the file’s safety, confirm your choice by clicking Run anyway.

4. Execution:
After confirmation, the application’s executable file will run and be installed on your system.

Please click Next.

Please press the Browse button to select the location for saving the program.

We recommend installing it directly on disk C:, D:, or E:

Please click Next.

Please click Next.

Please click Next.

Installation is complete. You can now click Finish.

Application Guide

This guide will help you explore every aspect of the application, step by step, so that you fully understand how everything works.

If you already have the application downloaded, please refer to the Application Installation Guide.

1. Registration and Authentication
If you don’t have an account, the application will always ask you to enter a Referral Code.
In case you don’t have a referral code, you can use the following code: games4camming.

After entering the Referral Code, you’ll see a form with two options: Enter as a Guest or Create an Account.

The Enter as a Guest option provides limited functionality and can be useful for observing other participants’ gameplay.
If you want to play, choose the Create an Account option.

2. Set My Lover
In the MY ACCOUNT -> My Lover section, you can choose who you play for.
Find your lover by entering their name and selecting them from the list.

3. Select a Game Room
Before choosing a game room, make sure you have sufficient funds to play.
Click Join Game to start the game.

4. The Gameplay Process
4.1 Placing Bets:
At the beginning of each of the 13 rounds, players have a specific time to place their bets.
There are various types of bets, including specific numbers, colors, or groups of elements.

4.2 Winning Number:
After the betting time expires, a random number is generated for the current round.
Players who placed successful bets receive their winnings.

4.3 Displaying the Winners:
At the end of each round, a list of winners and their winnings is displayed.
The game consists of a total of 13 rounds and usually ends after completing all of these rounds.

During the game, you have the option to use the Game Reset function.

For detailed game information, please refer to the Game Rules.

5. Completing the Game
The game can end in three ways:
5.1 Sprinter Mode: a single winner.
5.2 Stayers Mode: three winners and 13 rounds.
5.3 Stayers Mode + Extended Game: three winners and more than 13 rounds.

6. Managing Deposits and Withdrawals
Add funds to your game account from your video chat platform account.
If you win, you have the option to withdraw them to your video chat platform account.

7. Statistics and Activities
Explore the game statistics, history, and earnings from your referrals.

8. Questions and Support
If you have any questions or need clarification, please Contact Us for additional assistance.

Enter as a Guest

This option provides limited functionality and can be useful for observing the game of other participants.

It is available only if a real player account has not been created yet.

Create an Account

Create Account:
Fill in the required fields: Player Name and Password.
After registration, each subsequent opening of the application will display only the authentication form.

Account Configuration:
Go to MY ACCOUNT -> My Profile.
Fill in your EmailNote, and External Username to make deposits and withdrawals from your game account.
Please note that the External Username can only be changed by the administrator later.

Set Your Avatar:
In the MY ACCOUNT -> My Profile section, click on Set My Avatar.
Upload an image in JPG/JPEG format with a minimum size of 300×300 pixels.
Select a portion of the image for your avatar and click Upload My Avatar.

Set My Lover

To change Your Lover, first, you need to remove the current one.

Select Game Room

The game progresses through several distinct stages: the pre-game phase, during which you acquire the game ticket; the actual gameplay phase; and the post-game phase, in which you review the game results and prepare for the next one.

Selecting the game room is allowed only during the pre-game and the actual gameplay phases.

For each room, specific requirements exist regarding the minimum and maximum number of players.

If a room already has more players than its capacity allows, you won’t be able to enter. Similarly, if the minimum number of required players hasn’t been reached before the game begins, the game won’t start in that room, but you’ll have the option to choose another available room.

Game – 1 Winner

Difference Between Ending a Game in Stayers Mode and Sprinter Mode:

The game can end in two different ways: Stayers Mode or Sprinter Mode, determining how the winnings are redistributed in the game room, either among the three winners in Stayers Mode or for a single winner in Sprinter Mode.

Stayers Mode:
The game always starts in Stayers Mode, and all players receive a virtual balance of 2000 units.
The game continues over 13 consecutive rounds, and each player increases their winning chances based on their gaming skills.

Sprinter Mode:
Sprinter Mode is activated when a player reaches or exceeds a virtual balance of 5513 units and becomes the sole player with the highest balance in that game room, thus winning the entire prize pool of that room.

Game – 3 Winners

Game Mechanics:

1. Choosing the Game Room:
The game begins by choosing the game room. There is a special practice room where you can hone your skills, while the other rooms are intended for real money games.

2. Participating in the Game:
Players press the Join Game button, which automatically involves purchasing the corresponding ticket for the respective room and places them in the waiting phase for the actual game to begin.

3. Placing Bets and Actual Gameplay:

The game consists of 13 rounds, and each round consists of several stages:

3.1 Placing Bets:
In each round, players have 40 seconds to place their bets.

3.2 Generating the Winning Number:
After the bets are placed, a winning number is randomly generated.

3.3 Analyzing Bets and Distributing Winnings:
The system analyzes the bets and determines the winnings for each player.

3.4 Silent Period:
After the analysis and distribution of winnings, players can enjoy a brief 20-second period of silence to review their results, evaluate their strategies, and prepare for the next round.

4. Distributing Winnings and Continuing the Game:
The process of analyzing bets and distributing winnings repeats in each round.
The game continues with the other 12 rounds, following the same structure.

5. End of the Game and Determining the Winners:
The game concludes after completing all 13 rounds.
The system identifies the three players with the highest balances, and the winnings are distributed in a ratio of 50%-35%-15%.

Game rules may vary depending on the game’s version and the platform on which it is hosted.

Extended Game

In the last round of the game, a situation may arise where we have three winners with the same balance, which will lead to the extension of the game until a clear determination of the three winners is achieved.

To avoid another situation where two players with equal balances could occupy positions 3 and 4, the system checks not only the presence of three players with different balances but four. As a result, the game will continue with additional rounds until we have 4 players with different balances. This process ensures clarity and fairness in determining the occupants of positions 1, 2, and 3.

Reset Game

When you start a game, you receive an initial balance of 2000 units.

During the game, you place bets, and depending on the results, you can win or lose.

There is a possibility that your balance may drop to a significantly lower level than that of other players or even reach zero, significantly reducing your chances of winning.

With the Reset Game option, you have the opportunity to restore your balance to the initial value of 2000 units – the exact amount you start with in each game.

To use this option, you need to exit the game and re-enter.

This option can be used anytime and as many times as you like, but keep in mind that it also involves the automatic purchase of a new game ticket.

Depositing Funds

1. Access the CASHIER module.

2. Choose the CASHIER -> DEPOSITS section.

If the DEPOSIT button is not visible, the fund deposit procedure for the game is disabled.

This can be due to either the deactivation of fund deposits in general or the fact that in the My ACCOUNT -> My Profile section, you have not set your username from the cam site, such as BongaCams or Chaturbate, or from any other similar site where our game is available.

This field is used by the system to identify who has funded the game account and by how much.

However, if the DEPOSIT button is active, click on it, and you will be redirected to our room on the cam site.

3. If you are already logged in to your account on the cam site:
  – Click the Send Tip button.
  – Enter the amount of tokens you wish to transfer.
  – Depending on our settings, your account will be automatically loaded before the next game or manually at a later interval by our team.

Withdrawing Funds

1. Access the CASHIER module.

2. Choose the CASHIER -> WITHDRAWS section.

AMOUNT AVAILABLE FOR WITHDRAWAL = Winnings Balance + Referrals Balance

Deposits Balance – funds intended for purchasing game tickets.
Winnings Balance – winnings from games.
Referrals Balance – earnings from referrals.

After pressing the REQUEST WITHDRAWAL button, complete the relevant form. Enter the number of tokens you wish to withdraw and select one of the destinations: My Internal Account or My External Account.

Withdrawing game funds | My Internal Account destination

Let’s withdraw 1 token into My Internal Account.


Deposits Balance was 9599 and increased to 9600, which is 1 token more.

Withdrawing game funds | My External Account destination

Let’s withdraw 100 tokens into My External Account, which is your account on the video chat platform.


When you withdraw game funds to My External Account, the withdrawal is made from Winnings Balance and from Referrals Balance.

Both recent transactions are displayed here.

The My Internal Account option is used to add funds to your game account from winnings from games and earnings from referrals, while the My External Account option is used to transfer your game winnings and referral earnings to your account on the video chat platform.