Content Creators

If you’re seeking to monetize your traffic, we have the perfect solution for you!

Let me provide you with the simplest formula to determine the minimum monthly earnings achievable with our game and your fan base.

Your monthly revenue ($) = your channel followers / 100 * 10

For instance, if your channel has 100,000 followers, your monthly revenue would amount to $10,000. Please note, this is the minimum estimated revenue calculated for the 5 Tokens Room; for the 100 Tokens Room, it would be higher.

Quick and Easy Setup:

Download and install the application, then create your gaming account:

Content Creator – Gamming Account Creation

Below, see how a fan creates a game account using your referral code:

Fan – Gamming Account Creation
Bill is now ready to play in Fan Support Mode, sharing winnings equally with Jesse.
Promote Your Referral Code:

This is a sample message for your fans:

Subject: Special Invitation: Support Me and Win!

Dear amazing fans,

I want to invite you to a unique experience! 
Discover the Sprinter-Stayers Roulette game on and play with me using my referral code: [Your Player Name].

Download now and let's win together!

With love,
[Your Name]
Automatic Earnings:

Your fans play, you earn automatically. It’s that simple.

The Game | Sprinter-Stayers Roulette | Stayers Mode | Play for Your Lover
The Game | Sprinter-Stayers Roulette | Sprinter Mode | Play for Your Lover

These straightforward steps will help you swiftly monetize your audience.

Download now and start earning!