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A new free roulette software scam called Smart Watch from the same people.

If you do not know then some time ago we reviewed another scam roulette software: Winner Roulette SoftwareRMatrix Roulette SoftwareEnygmista Roulette Software and all come from the same head office about which I will tell you later when I will finish whole my investigation.

Till that time let see what do exactly Smart Watch roulette scam.

Read bellow how Smart Watch scam is advertised:

Smart Watches are not only for mobile devices with Android or IOS systems

Recently, a new Roulette Tool has been released, which is called “watch” – Cunning am wearing.

The principle is very simple, you look at his watch and then transmits the time to the program.

Done! Already you have the required numbers to play.

We have found that the tool most evenings, delivers decent results after 22:00.

Try it out and tells us your experience with this software.

As always, completely free and especially virus free!

Have lots of fun with it!

What I can say more about Smart Watch?

First of all this is a roulette software to have fun while you are winning in fun mode and losing in real money mode.

These people are very funny and all is about this.

On their site there is a lot of advertised casino links.

The Smart Watch Roulette Software is really free and it really make money but only for the site owner.

If you will ask me how then the answer is via the casino affiliate system which pay these people from your loses.

Verdict on Smart Watch:

This is a scam and I explained how you will lose and how Scam Team will make money.

On the other hand I even do not recommend to download their software but if you want to take some fun you can try only if you have a good Anti Virus.

By the way check also my Roulette Anti Virus Review before to proceed with this.

At the end to point you into the right direction I can recommend checking Money Maker Machine products.