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Sleeper System Roulette

I think this is the most advanced Sleeper System Roulette.

From what I know it was developed a long time ago and already for some years it is improved more and more.

The base concept was developed on Money Maker Machine by Silver.

Almost of the features was suggested by real roulette players.

If you want to know more about it then I recommend you to go directly to roulette projects section:

Please find bellow a small FAQ which I got from the roulette project itself:

Little FAQ.
1. Before press START – you should Select chip values and define starting balance.
2. “Path to save log” – be sure you have rights to create files there.
3. Comma or Dot – will define delimiter for float values (it differ by regional settings)
4. Money may be float (chips, balance, 1 unit, …), but units are always integer values.
And progression is represented in units.
5. Play modes
0 – Real mode – read numbers from casino, do spins, place bets (FunMode or RealMoney)
1 – Simulation – read numbers from casino, do spins, NOT place bets (FunMode or RealMoney)
2 – Read from file – read numbers from file (without casino window)
3 – Random – random numbers generator (without casino window)
4 – RNG_Studio file – read numbers from file generated by RNG_Studio (w/o casino window)
5 – Input numbers yourself – manual input (without casino window)

If you already have installed Roulette Player Software then you can simple run it but before to do this please check that you know what you do.

Bellow I will provide you with some screenshots related to this sleeper system roulette.

Sleeper System Roulette Screenshot 1

Sleeper System Roulette Screenshot 2

Sleeper System Roulette Screenshot 3

Verdict on Sleeper System Roulette:

You have to try sleeper system roulette and to see how good or bad it is.

Do not forgot coder always are ready to add your new own features in order to make it better than it is now.

Once you know how to win money I think you have to check also my 2018 roulette scams investigation.