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RX vs Roulette Scripter

If you are looking for a roulette software capable to play your own roulette strategy then both RX – Roulette Xtreme and RSS – Roulette Scripter Studio can do this.


The idea is that many many years ago Roulette Xtreme was a software capable only to test your own roulette system.

This mean you was able only to enter there your strategy and it was able only to tell you how it will perform in a long run.

I will call this roulette simulator.

Related to Roulette Scripter Studio then this roulette software was always a tool to create your own roulette bot.

Now back in 2008 when it was released for the first time and when all roulette players used RX only as simulator while Roulette Scripter Studio was the single available roulette software to create roulette bots.

By the way Roulette Scripter Studio can also work as simulator or better to say it can do both things in the same time!

Since that time many things changed and RX received a lot of useful updates but from my side only one.

During the post let use next abbreviations:

RX – Roulette Xtreme

RSS – Roulette Scripter Studio

Please find above Roulette Xtream Screen or how look the RX user interface.

Please find above Roulette Scripter Studio Screen or how look the RSS user interface.

RX tried to add all possible features this is why it look very heavy and really it is a very complex software.

Related to RSS then it very simple to use but the most important thing is that it is based on Pascal Syntax.

Why Pascal Syntax?

Because this is the most simple and easy to learn coding syntax.

I can say even more: this syntax people learn in school this is why more than 100 000 people in the world already know how to code with Pascal.

Another advantage of RSS is that Internet is full of information related to this subject if to not talk about Youtube.

Related to RX then there the syntax is something related to C++ but that is not pure C++.

There people made something very complex which I think only a high experienced coder will be able to understand.

Above I posted RX Price which is 49.95$ and this include RX Bot Bundle because without it I do not see a reason why to purchase this sofware.

Related to RSS then it is more expensive but you get much more with it. By the way it original price is 100$ – 125$

Verdict: If you look for something simple to use and easy to operate then for sure Roulette Scripter Studio is your choice.

From what I know people who purchase RX simple keep it in a safe place and open it from time to time in order to close after some minutes.

Related to Roulette Scripter Studio then players play with it the most advanced and effective roulette strategies.

Do you Want to code your own roulette system or need an Expert Help?

Click here to go to SILVER’s Coding Room

Now you have to think what you want: to learn whole life how to code with RX or to get Roulette Scripter Studio and play your own very unique roulette strategy in the same day.