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I remember the old days somewhere in 2008 when for the first time appeared Roulette Scripter Studio – the software which won the battle with Roulette Xtreme.

I know RX are on this market since 2003 this is why I want to tell you where these products have something in common and where them are different.

On the time Roulette Scripter Studio was developed it came with an embedded auto play module also the capability to recognize roulette numbers.

So it was the first fully auto play roulette software capable to run any roulette system!

In the same time RX did not had anything like this.

So RX was a software capable to design somehow your system and as I remember the biggest problem was it syntax.

There is a very long learning curve and not each roulette player can learn it.

Finally the single solution for any Roulette Xtreme owner was to get a coder.

Even with this at that time there was not any embedded auto play module.

The biggest advantage of Roulette Scripter Studio over Roulette Xtreme is Pascal syntax!

How do you think how many people in the world know how to code in Roulette Xtreme?

I do not know for sure but I can tell you that in Roulette Scripter Studio which is based on Pascal syntax can code any coder.

Try to search for a Roulette Xtreme coder on freelance sites and in the same time try to get one for Pascal and you feel the difference.

Another good news is that in Roulette Scripter Studio can be used also Visual Basic syntax so any Pascal or Delphi or Visual Basic coder are welcome here!

I remember that in  2008 inside Money Maker Machine appeared a lot of coders capable to write custom roulette scripts and this was the full end solution for any roulette player.

Just think the player come and pay and whole home work are done. No coding skills and no hard learning curve!

Now after 10 years Roulette Xtreme offer the same was offered by Roulette Scripter Studio Team since 2008.

As is stated on their site now Roulette Xtreme has an embedded auto play module also they offer even custom coding.

Anyway there is a still big problem related to Roulette Xtreme syntax.

Verdict on Roulette Xtreme:

Even if Roulette Xtreme site is well designed and the software look advanced I think the main problem is it syntax. My recommendation for sure is to get Roulette Scripter Studio even if it is more expensive. On the other hand do not forgot that Pascal scripts are compatible also with the Roulette Scripter Pro version and Roulette Player Software.