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RSS PRO Full Guide




Create your own Roulette Robot with Roulette Scripter Studio Pro


As you know with Roulette Scripter Studio you can automate any roulette strategy and the script you will make can be considered fully an automated robot.


Beside of RSS we have it Pro version called Roulette Scripter Studio Pro.


I think it will suit the best your needs if you decided to create an automated robot for your own roulette game.


The difference between RSS and RSS Pro is that the last can build also an user friendly interface.


Below you can see two screenshots:

The first screenshot is for Roulette Scripter Studio Pro and the second is what you can build with it.


Screenshot 1

Roulette Scripter Studio Pro


Screenshot 2

User Friendly Interface built with Roulette Scripter Studio Pro




Do you want to make your own Roulette Robot?


The single difference between RSS and RSS Pro is that the last can also make an user friendly interface for your own roulette system, roulette tool, roulette robot or roulette analyze software via set of different graphical components.


Related to what can do RSS please check the section related to it.


You are right you will be able to use forms, buttons, labels, edits and many other graphical elements with your roulette system and finally it will be an user friendly roulette software for the people who will use it.


You can buy RSS Pro even if you want to build your own roulette software that latter you plan to sale to other.


Bellow I will present several screenshot so you will see how look RSS Pro Software