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Today I will tell you about newest RouletteMoneyMaker Scam.

So just let start from the begin and find out who pointed my attention to RouletteMoneyMaker Scam.

To tell you the truth I saw this site a long time ago but never thought may exist people which will fall into it at least because such type of scams are very old.

How old?

I will say such type of schemes was used in the last 15 years so what use RouletteMoneyMaker Scam is nothing new.

For sure it is focused on people which do not stay on roulette forums and which search their magic roulette money making machines without to think what is all about.

So again how I found first official victim of RouletteMoneyMaker Scam?

The victim simple sent me an email and I thought he purchased some of Money Maker Machine products and do not know how to install them or may have some other technical problems.

When I saw what he purchased I simple said he is dead!

To prove this simple check the email he sent me.

When I read his email I did not understood why he ask help from me because we do not sale RouletteMoneyMaker Scam.

After I understood that he knew us and trust us, this is why we was contacted but unfortunately at that time was too late to do something.

For sure was too late to do something at least because the user understood that he was scammed.

Now I want to tell you how RouletteMoneyMaker Scam work.

This is a very simple scheme.

You should have a simple software to use and shoot several fake real  money videos.

Once this was done RouletteMoneyMaker Scam has everything need any roulette player.

If you will want to comment on videos you will not be able to do this because comments are disabled and for sure never will be enabled.

The next question is how to be a trusted seller?

This is very simple to do by using the newest technologies.

Possible you saw what said  scammed roulette player.

He was invited for a presentation via team viewer to see remotely how perform this software.

How all this finished all already know.

The customer simple paid for the software and got it and when he tried to use it in his casino the software simple did not worked for his casino.

So this is a common scheme for all available roulette systems scams.

What this mean?

Very simple: you paid for something you never will use or will want to use.

On this market are a lot of roulette software you will want to use and which cost 5-10 times less and which are 5-10 times better but unfortunately people which run sites like RouletteMoneyMaker Scam do not have what to offer except a RouletteMoneyMaker Scam software and some casino affiliate sites.

If you will look on their main page then you will see there several affiliate sites.