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This post called roulette winner group will be something totally unusual because we will search for existing roulette winners.

Before to continue just ask yourself who are you?

Winner from Roulette Winner Group or Loser from Roulette Loser Group?

If you are sure you are the loser then is no need to continue reading anything here!

Simple exit from this site!

If you are a roulette winner or want to be then you must know that exist also other roulette winners so you are not alone!

Now let move back to the main post idea related to Roulette Winner Group.

Today I made an investigation related to RBS strategies stored on our remote server.

So there are 5492 palettes created by 519 roulette players.

Unbelievable 519 RBS users can create palettes!

For newbie who do not know what is this RBS I will explain.

RBS is a software capable to play any type of roulette strategies based on Red and Black bets.

From these 5492 palettes 2479 palettes are private and was created by 211 players.

The main question is why these palettes are private?

Do you know?

If not then I will ask you another question.

What you will do if you will find something will help you to win on roulette?

Will you share your roulette system with other roulette players?

Now I am sure you know why I asked this!

On the other hand there are still 3013 free available palettes which we can use to learn and improve.

I am sure any of them can be improved in order to become a winning roulette palette!

Finally this is how started any of these 211 players.

By the way the best news for the moment is the release of RBS Free with all the features has RBS Full Version and where the single limitation is related to the number of the casinos to play. You should know there is only one casino instead of more than 60 online casinos in full version.

Anyway this is more than enough to start your investigation and find your own winning roulette palette.

If you still consider yourself a roulette winner join our roulette winner group!

In order to start download RBS Free and register on Money Maker Machine Forum.

Click here for RBS Free download

My goal: Due to the fact that we have 3013 free available roulette palettes I need a full investigation of all of them. I think if we will create a roulette winner group based on 100 players and each player will investigate 30 roulette palettes then in a short time we will know for sure which one or several free roulette palettes can bring profit. 

Do not forgot this was done before!

Now the question is if you will be able to do the same.

And the last before to continue ask again yourself who are you!

Note: Do not forget RBS has a very important feature called Real Money Simulator.

It will not allow you ever to lose.

Be careful and leave it active forever at least until you will not find your winning roulette system.

To end with Roulette Winner Group investigation I want to tell you that before to start winning you have to stop losing.

I think my investigation on top 2018 roulette scams will help you a  lot and after welcome to our roulette winner group.