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Harvest is a set of roulette projects made with Roulette Scripter Studio Pro.

You can get Roulette Scripter Studio from Money Maker Machine Site.

My review will be divided into several parts each related to some specific aspects.

Before to continue I want to inform you about 2018 roulette scams.

Part 1: Harvest – the best way to test your own roulette system

Some days ago I visited Money Maker Machine Forum and saw there an interesting project called HARVEST.

It represent a set of scripts which can be run with Roulette Scripter Studio Pro.

Now I investigate it and soon will let you know more about it and what it can do.

I think once there are present a lot of topics related to it then this should be a very interesting thing.

Verdict on Harvest:

I think you should try it by yourself.

Related to Roulette Scripter Studio Pro then it is the best roulette software to create your own roulette robot.

Part 2: HARVEST for Bet Voyager Casino No Zero Roulette

I didn’t had enough time to test it fully and to see what really it do but looks like this is a very interesting piece of software.

Harvest is not a software but a set of roulette scripts.

What them do I think I will find out already in future.

All I know is that all these things was made with RSS Pro and I must say I am very impressed.

Here you can see another screenshot.

And this is another one screenshot which make HARVEST one of the biggest project made ever with RSS Pro.

I think you all should take a look more closely to this project and you can find it on Money Maker Machine Forum.

As I know the access there is paid.

Better to say the access is free but it is granted only to Money Maker Machine customers.

If you bought any of their products then you will receive access to MMM Forum and get this script for free.

Here you can see and understand what really represent HARVEST.

I will say simple.

HARVEST is a roulette project or set of roulette scripts made with RSS Pro and which run like a roulette software.

Better to say Roulette Scripter Studio is a software which allow roulette players to automate their own roulette strategies with it.

Here all is simple.

You have a set of commands like bet on special roulette elements and recognizing of landed roulette elements.

This roulette software will allow you to automate everything you may have ever in mind.

Here you can see which other versions of HARVEST may be available in future so all I can do is to wait for any of them.

I think this is something new at least because we can see a roulette system made in an open source format.

Verdict on Harvest for Bet Voyager Casino:

I recommend this project and this software to all roulette players who look for a new approach to no zero roulette.

Part 3: Harvest – the most advanced roulette scripts for RSS Pro

Look here on the progress of Harvest Project during the last months.