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Roulette strategy that works safe is the thing I am sure you are all looking for.

Now the main question is what mean exactly a roulette strategy that works safe.

I will tell you the truth and this mean that do not exist a roulette strategy that works safe in a long run and in the same time exist a roulette strategy that works safe in a short run.


To clarify this I will explain: you have to play always short sessions which mean you need to have not one roulette strategy that works safe but several roulette strategies that works safe.

What mean a roulette strategy that works safe?

First of all you need a  roulette software capable to play any type of roulette strategies.

So you can go for any roulette software capable to do this and play any type of roulette systems.

To be directly you can use roulette software like RBS or DCS or RSS or RSS Pro.

Another one very important thing is how to manage correctly your balance.

I will recommend always to play for no more than 11%-13% from your balance.

Example: Let suppose you have a 100$ casino balance.

Based on my idea you have to set a short session to win only 11$ or 13$ after which the strategy should be changed.

Really try to change it after each won session in order to avoid any future loses.

The last I want to recommend is to play on roulette tables which allow small bets something like 10 cents or 25 cents or 50 cents.

I know there are not so many such roulette tables but anyway try to find one.

In case there really are not such low limits roulette tables please review your strategy and play very carefully.

Verdict on roulette strategy that works safe:

Roulette strategy that works safe is only a term and in order to succeed with this you have to follow anything was stated above.

To finish with this article I can recommend you roulette software from Money Maker Machine which is the best roulette software provider for any roulette player.