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I think the software from Roulette Solution is for live roulette.


On the other hand here are nothing new.

A simple software where you enter the landed number and it suggest what to bet next.

Not sure about the algorithm is used but I think nothing new.

I saw a lot of such roulette software on this market so this is just another software for gamblers.

Even if it have a lot of features I think anyway it is far away to be something capable to win in a long term.

I remember a secret project called LRA.

There really existed a software capable to suggest the number will land next.

No I don’t want to say that software was capable to guess every time correctly the number but at least it was something brought profit.

The approach used to build it was one of most smartest.

Unfortunately this project is paused for the moment and all now are back to RNG Disassembler Project.

If somebody think that 4.95$ per 3 day or 14.95$ is enough to develop something which will work then he are very wrong.

Verdict on Roulette Solution:

I think is no need to spend too much time on Roulette Solution Software because it is to gamble.

I will recommend Roulette Solution Software only for gamblers.

All other who want to play smart please consider to take a look on:  Roulette Scripter Studio or even AVSB which also is based on the same idea.

I mean the idea where the software suggest what to bet next after it will perform an analyze of the last landed numbers.

Please find on the Internet Money Maker Machine products and you will find the best roulette software which should have any online or live roulette players.

Really these are the best auto play roulette tools.