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I am sure you all want to find out about a new roulette software scam.

Suggestion: If you are looking for the best roulette software please consider to take a look at: Money Maker Machine – Biggest Roulette Software Provider even if it is a paid roulette software.

Now let continue. Today I decided to do a search on Google for next keywords: “roulette software”

Update 9 January 2018: For all roulette software scam please take a look on my next investigations-> Top Roulette SCAMS December 2017 and roulette frauds 2018 future loser be ready

Update 14 June 2017: Since I posted this article more than 100 new roulette software scam appeared on Google.

More than 20 of new roulette software scam I already investigated and made some reviews which you can find in our roulette scam section.

Here is only a short list: Technigroup, Privatis Club, Privatech, Futura Capital and RouleMind.

In generally there are not too many modifications except some new sites.

This one called roulette software news or unfailing roulette software is something pointed my attention.









To tell the truth all this look like a scam.

The site state that it has 257 active users today and 41750 Euro earned today.

I think this is too be good to be true!

If to divide 41750 euro to 257 active users then this mean today players in average won 162 Euro.

If to calculate how much the network will win in casino then this will be more than 15 000 000 Euro per year.

Just think casino lose 15 000 000 Euro per year.

As I know the average profit of any online average casino is maximum 5 000 000 Euro per year so this for sure do not look real.

Better to say this is a 100% roulette software scam.

Another thing which got my attention is Logiciel Roulette 1 advertising link related to a roulette software scam.

By the way I have also another second review for Logiciel Roulette 2 also a roulette software scam.

Looks like these may be the same people.

How the roulette software scam works?





From my point of view the approach is very simple but quite enough for a roulette software scam or better to say the player can hear what he expect.

About Roulette Software Scam Developers








Nothing new again the same fake people.

I mean some fake images related to some fake people.

If you are not very stupid you must see that there is no software developer even if this position must be one of the most important.

So what we see there?

We see John responsible for communication and he do scam job.

Two web developers which mean people work more on site development than on winning in casino and finally one project manager which I do not know what he do now once the project is ready.

Verdict on roulette software scam:

I think this is a casino affiliate scheme. Unfortunately I do not know somebody who used this site but I am sure my review will allow players who used it to leave here some comments.