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Welcome back to the big world of roulette scams with a new site called roulette software news scam.

This time we will talk about so called roulette software news scam site which finally is not a new scam type.

Update and in the same time a new warning related to Roulette Software News Scam!!!

Update 1: On March 2018 Roulette Software News Scam  may come under another names like: 

  1. blackspin . c0m . it
  2. maxspin . biz

Update 2: At this time Roulette Software News Scam can be found also under another name: Privatich or Futura Capital

I am not sure if you checked some of my previous scam investigations but if you did this then all is about the same scam network.

All who want to find out more about this scam type also about it scam network please check next link: ROULETTE SOFTWARE SCAM

For the other who do not want to read too much and simple expect a short answer I will explain here:

So we talk about a list of sites like: Logiciel Roulette or Roulette Software.

Even if “roulette software” name do not have something in common with a scam being more a term then Logiciel Roulette is a big name in scam world.

I can say even more these are sites which are based on the same scam model but which have different domain names.

I expect there (on Google high rank pages list) are at least 5 such sites but in the world a such scheme are used at least in 100 sites which I do not want to post here.

So which is the main secret behind Roulette Software News Scam scheme?

All is about casino money!

So you get from them a free software which state to be a free roulette prediction software.

You will be forced to play in a special casino because that free roulette prediction software work only in it.

Next step will be to deposit money in casino.

All will end with your game and here all will be related to your luck.

If you will win then good for you otherwise bad for you.

What you have to know is that the scam site owner will win in both cases and does not matter if you will win or lose.

In case you will win you will send him his requested share otherwise the casino via it affiliate system will send to site owner % from your loses.

Verdict on Roulette Software News Scam:

Roulette Software News Scam is no more than the same old casino scam scheme used very effectively at least in the last 10 years.

Check always our site for new scam artists also report any new scam tentative.

To end with this I want to recommend to all to check Money Maker Machine Forum because all scams warning come there.