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Most of you possible heard about Roulette Sniper and I am sure in the Internet already exist a lot of reviews related to it.

Anyway I decided to make my own review which will be totally different than the other do.

I will say simple.

This is a roulette software which tell you where to bet.

Still not sure if it is an auto play or not.

Related to how much you can win with it then please read below and you will understand everything.

Update April 2018: So where is the scam on Roulette Sniper.

As stated on bottom of the site it was developed in 2008 and was last time updated in 2012

How happen that Roulette Sniper was updated in April 2018?

If you will look in Roulette Sniper site source code then we will see that there is no update.

Instead of this there is a dynamic code which count todays month and year and display current date as an update.

So this is the first scam I found on Roulette Sniper site but I am sure there are much more.

Verdict on Roulette Sniper:

A simple and useless roulette software for all who like to gamble.

If you want to play like a pro better go to Money Maker Machine site and choose one of the products used and recommend by professional roulette players.

You will say that Roulette Sniper review is very short.

Really I don’t know what to say more about it but if you used it feel free to let us know how useful was it for you.

For more roulette scams please check my 2018 roulette scams investigation.

What I can recommend by the end of this review?

Please try to focus on open source roulette systems or how other call this open source roulette strategies.

You can automate any of them with roulette software like Roulette Scripter Studio or Roulette Player.

Use the last in case you want also to sale or share your creation without to deliver the source code.