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In this post I will tell you about several roulette scams all based on the same idea and on the same software.

Update: For all roulette scams please check our roulette scams section.

Remember that for 2018 – 90% of these roulette scams still will stay in business and you are next victim!

Even if these roulette scams was improved during the time and used emails are always changed then the idea on which all are based are still the same.

So the scam artist offer a software where you enter the casino numbers and software have to predict the next number to land.

In order to avoid such type of roulette scams I recommend you to check next links all related to the same scam but which run under different names, sites, emails and some times using different software versions.

Roulette Scam 1: Click here to find out about Roulette Beater Scam

Roulette Scam 2: Click here to find out about Roulette Clapper Scam

Roulette Scam 3: Click here to find out about Roulette Money Maker Scam

Does not matter how the site or software is called:

Roulette Beater, Roulette Clapper, Roulette Money Maker because all use the same software and are part of the same group of roulette scams.

How to recognize such roulette scams?

So the roulette scam artist ask you to pay for a software which predict casino numbers.

We had also an information that the roulette scam artist are even ready to offer you a remote presentation via Team Viewer.

By the way the last information we got recently  is that now they offer real money presentation via Team Viewer based on real money account.

The catch is that after you will pay for this scam software it will not work on your computer and your casino.

One of our visitors reported this problem!

Finally this is what we have officially and about which we posted in this post also in several other posts all related to such type of roulette scams.

Verdict: For sure this is a scam and this was proved by a lot of our site users which reported this.

Believe me no one won. All lost.

The bad thing of all this is that this software is totally useless and fraudulent.

There are a lot of useful roulette software which cost less and which you will want to use always.

At least take a look on Money Maker Machine Products and believe me you will not be disappointed!

Also you can check all available roulette scams on some of trusted roulette forum.