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I discovered the big network or Scam Head Office called Reviews Roulette Scam which stay behind some of the big scam sites like: Roulette Software News ScamRoulette Labs ScamRoulette Software ScamRoulette Better ScamRoulette Clapper ScamRoulette Money Maker ScamLogiciel Roulette Scam and believe me this is not the end.

Related to the involved scams then you can read any of my roulette reviews and you will find out that all is based on the same scheme.

For users who do not like to read too much or simple do not have enough time for this I will be shortly.

So the scam scheme is next: you will receive a free software which state to work only in one or several casinos where you will have to deposit money.

After you will deposit money you will play and if you will win then you will send some % to the roulette scam software owner otherwise the casino will send % from your loses. So this is a well known scheme which work very good in the last 10 years or more.

Now the most important thing about Scam Head Office what it do and how it operate.

On top of all these roulette scam sites we have a site called Reviews Roulette SCAM which operate with all these small scams sites.

So this is a site related to roulette reviews where anybody is allowed to post his site but be sure the big RANK will get only owner scam sites.

On the other hand this is a way to make a scam look legal.

So where is the scam on Reviews Roulette Scam?

On the first look there is no scam except that the owner of reviews roulette scam site promote his own scam sites which are distributed between many other possible reputable sites so for a newbie will be hard to understand where is the scam.

On the other hand look on this like on somebody who state to help you but finally will scam you!

I can say even more and call review roulette scam site THE DISTRACTOR site.

Verdict on Reviews Roulette Scam:

Be careful with everything related to roulette software and if you found somebody who offer you free roulette software and in exchange will ask some % from your winning then be sure this is a roulette scam and you are the next VICTIM. By the way take a look on Money Maker Machine Forum because there are posted much more roulette scams.