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As you understand this article will be related to next term: roulette scam also how to avoid a roulette scam.

Due to the fact that roulette is a game of chance here is a lot of space for roulette scam.

You should know that not any roulette player can be scammed and all will depend on the roulette player knowledges.

People with low roulette education or compulsive gamblers are potential victims of different roulette scams.

Some days ago I got an e-mail from a roulette player which I want to post here and discuss it.

Email 1 content contain potential roulette scam victim:

“Hello gentlemen ..

 My name is [User Name is kept private] and I am Brazilian .

Yesterday I was watching some videos and loved the products ..

It is to explain to me how RBS works ?

Is there a tutorial?

I glanced at the forum, but as we are in another language , it is difficult I think .

If you can get down to business here with me , thank you.

Unfortunately , I’m going through needs and had to resort to their products.

I could teach me how to do?

You have to make strategies or I put the amount you want to win and the software does everything alone?

please , you are my last alternative , help me !

so my doubts have been clarified, I buy the product ..

Thank you!”

Email 2 content also contain potential roulette scam victim:

“So my buddy, join me immediately, for me it would be no advantage. Have to test your product, you know?

I did not understand exactly how it works.

He me the strategy, not the money I put I win. To wrong?

I explain step by step how should I start?

it is the first casino in 1000, with 60 to play, from 60,000 to do a day?

of course I will not do this all value, but that is what I am trying to understand, you know?

it helps me to create strategy, not of me the prize, right?

the money I will earn depending on my strategy, correct?

Sorry so many questions but because I’m a cut in the neck of money and if I spend now and have no return, I wrap myself completely.


Now let build portrait of the user which sent this email.

The first thing I can say about him is that he is for sure a potential roulette scam victim.

Why no way to avoid Roulette Scam?

He look for a magic box.

He wait for something will work like a money making machine.

His education is very low.

I am sure till now he bought a lot of systems and always gambled and for sure lost.

Unfortunately he is not alone this is why scam term is something very common on this market.

Verdict on Roulette Scam:

I want to suggest to all player to invest more in roulette education than to deposit in casinos and gamble there.

If you need a roulette software then for sure products from Money Maker Machine will be your best choice.

Still want to know more about roulette scam architecture?

My 2018 roulette scams investigation will explain each block are built any roulette scam.