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Do not worry Roulette Pred 7 Scam is nothing new.

Roulette Pred 7 is an old roulette scam software locate on Roulette Software EU site.

Look on my Winner Roulette Software Review  so you will see the same scam but with a new name.

Roulette Pred 7 Scam is the same Winner Roulette Software Scam.

All these roulette scams come from the same roulette scams provider.

They also offer many other scams like:

RXsector Roulette Software Review

Smart Watch Roulette Software Review

RMatrix Roulette Software Review

Enygmista Roulette Software Review

The main idea on which is based this one also other their scams is next: you will win in fun mode but will lose in real money mode.

If you want to know about all available today’s roulette scams please check Top Roulette SCAMS December 2017

Now back to the roulette prediction idea.

Do you really want a roulette software capable to predict the roulette number will come next?

I will tell you the truth!

As I know nobody at this time have something like this.

But can exist something like this?

Possible but I do not see a reason to sale this.

I can recommend you to take a look on RNG Studio which generate RNG modules.

Check it and try to understand if somebody want to scam you or not.

In the same time you can try several other roulette software all based on prediction like:


Verdict on Roulette Pred 7:

If you read carefully my post then you are safe. In future be careful related to such scams because these artists will change the domain or roulette software name. Do not forgot the scam idea remain the same. Such scams are intended for roulette newbies because it is on this market already for more than 10 years and all old roulette players know about it. The last useful resource I can recommend is Money Maker Machine Forum. If you look for something really useful to play roulette then there you will be able to find something good.