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I want to inform all roulette players about Roulette Plus Scam which is a casino affiliate scheme.

The idea is that the fraudsters has a software capable to make fake winnings in fun mode but when you will move to real money mode you always will lose.

Now a little about this fraud group.

Roulette Plus team is a committed group of software high end professional fraudsters specialists, with incredible experience in roulette scamming, who have built up a number prediction software capable to win only in fun mode with high innovation in scamming on whole roulette market. Roulette Plus group with profundity of learning inside of how better to perform scamming in roulette work already for  more than 10 years in this direction.

In generally the same scheme are used by other 100 fraud sites.

If you are not lazy just go to our roulette scams section and find there another more than 20 sites which use the same scheme.

I will tell you simple how Roulette Plus Scam work.

After you will enter on their site you will see a good winning video after which you will want to purchase their roulette software.

For sure there may exist an option to get this software for free but only if you will play in their recommended or so called tested casino or casinos.

Will not be strange if you will lose once or twice or always.

Also you can win if you are lucky but almost of the time you will lose.

If you will ask the site fraudsters why you lose then you will receive many answers like: you did something wrong or casino changed their algorithm or many other reasons you even will not be able to imagine.

Verdict on Roulette Plus Scam:

Roulette Plus is a well known type of scam where roulette players get a software capable to show winnings in fun mode but once they start to play for real money you will lose big.

Our Roulette Scams section contain many other sites which use the same scheme as Roulette Plus.

Finally if you are looking for prediction software take a look on X8VS1 roulette prediction software because there you can create your own prediction algorithm.

Also I want to suggest never to play something you can not understand.

Related to such type of scams like Roulette Plus then them always will exist and the single difference will be the site content or domain name but the idea will remain always the same.