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Roulette Player Software is something new, something nobody offer or ever thought about this.

We will talk here about – a site which represent a revolution into roulette system sharing methods.

Before to continue let see which other methods of developing and sharing roulette strategies are now available.

Usually almost of you search in Google, Yahoo or other search engines for a roulette system or a roulette strategy.

This can be a e-book or a description of a strategy.

In many cases players look for a software which will have all these roulette strategies fully automated.

What I want to say?
All these strategies come from different sellers, different sites and always use different methods of development and sharing.

The question is how to have something which will use the same development method and where all roulette strategies will be stored in one place?

Roulette Player Software meet all these conditions.

Anybody who have an account on Roulette Player can develop and upload his own roulette strategy.

All roulette strategies on Roulette Player Software are called roulette projects.

Each user has his own projects management console inside Roulette Player Software.

Using Roulette Player Software IDE any user can develop his own roulette project.

Once the project is ready it can become public so the other players will be able to use it.

You should know that Roulette Player Software will allow you not only to share for free any of your roulette projects but also to sale any of them. Here are available two options for delivery of ready to use projects like: open source roulette project and closed source roulette project.

I know some developers will want to share with the other the source code while the other will prefer to not do this.

From our side both options should be present and we think this is the most correct approach because players who like to work only with open source projects can simple use Roulette Scripter Studio from

Verdict for Roulette Player Software:

We recommend this non free software to all who look for something new and in the same time for the most revolutionary roulette software available on whole roulette market.

The worst news is that Roulette Player Software is not anymore Free.

Finally that Free Version was limited and we considered better is to offer to users the full version.

Roulette Player Software can be downloaded right now on it official site.

Even if you have a good roulette software you never should forgot about roulette scamming!

Please check my 2017 roulette scams investigation and stay protected.