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If to talk in general about Roulette Player Software then we have to deal with two versions: Roulette Player Full Version and Roulette Player Free Version.

Update based on March 2018: there is no more Roulette Player Free software.

Anyway you can still get a free copy for your second computer if you purchased one before.

Which is the difference between Full and Free Version?

Both Roulette Player Free and Full Version represent the same software.

The single difference between free and full version is related to the number of the casinos to play.

With Roulette Player Free Version you will have one casino while with the Full Version you will be able to play in any Online Casino based on Playtech platform.

So there are a lot of casinos to choose with Roulette Player Full Version!

Which casino I will play with Roulette Player Free Version?

You will play every month one new casino which will be selected randomly and assigned to your player account.

Sometimes may happen that you will play a casino you already have while other times you will have to download it.


There is a button called: “Download Your Free Assigned Casino”

Click on it and go to the casino download page.

After you will install the casino you are ready to go!

Are there some restrictions related to the roulette projects I want to play?

No there are not any restrictions, so just play any roulette project you want also as many times as you want.

How to be if I want to play only in my own casino?

In this case you should go for a subscription which cost 19$ per month

What will happen after the subscription will end?

Nothing except you will have again Roulette Player Free Version.

Verdict on Roulette Player Free:

One of the best auto play roulette software related to custom roulette system automation.

Do not forget you can request there your own roulette system.

If you need an inspiration then feel free to check our free roulette systems board.

The last thing I want to say is that this is the most advanced roulette software capable to play anything you may dream of.

I think I will recommend you here to read also about Roulette Scripter Studio which have many in common with this software.