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I am sure most of you never heard about a Roulette Operator.

So this is my own term which soon may be something which any roulette player will search for.

I will add here a simple description of roulette operator meaning: this is a high professional roulette player which know how to play roulette and make a consistent profit during many roulette games.

I am sure you are not a dreamer and know that even professional roulette players can lose on roulette and the most important here is the profit.

So we have next: roulette operator play many sessions during which the overall profit is positive.

If you ever will find a such roulette player then you can have a deal with him.

He can be called or roulette winner or professional roulette player or roulette operator.

Let stop on the last term: roulette operator.

What a roulette operator can do for you?

I think anything which will help you to win on roulette.

You can get some private courses or he can play with you remotely.

As you see all is about training or support.

I think this is what you should search always.

Instead of investing in casinos try to invest in roulette education.

Based on my experience 90% of roulette players deposit more in casinos than invest in roulette software or something which will improve their roulette education.

This is a big mistake and you always will lose on roulette until you will not change your mind.

I have for you several advices:

  1. Buy the most advanced roulette software which first of all are not for gambling but for roulette game analyze.
  2. Pay smart people for training.
  3. Read smart people advices.
  4. Join real roulette players communities and discuss there your strategies.


I hope you understood all things related to roulette operator term.

Remember roulette is not a simple gambling but a mind game.

From my side I want to  recommend you two sites: Money Maker Machine and Roulette Player.

I am sure both will help you to go into the right direction.

Remember to first step for a winning is to stop losing so just check my 2018 roulette scam investigation.