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These days while browsing the Internet I found Roulette Number Software which is supposed to help players to win on roulette.


I can’t say that it appeared several days ago.

I saw it for the first time several months ago and today I decided to investigate it a little and to find about what is it.

The roulette software I review you can find on: Roulette Number Site

The Roulette Number Site is well organized and it is not like any other site where you don’t know what it sale or offer.

An example of such site is Money Maker Machine.

I don’t want to say that Money Maker Machine site is bad organized but it contain really a lot of information.

Possible this is because there are sold not one but more than 13 different roulette software.

For a newbie which came for the first time to Money Maker Machine will be very hard to understand what is all about.

Anyway they still offer the most advanced roulette software in the world and the most complete solution for any roulette player.

On Roulette Number Site everything is very easy to understand and we can see that this site sale a roulette software.

What I like here is a very complete and easy to understand FAQ section.

Really I was able to find on Roulette Number answers to any of my questions.

I don’t like sites which can’t organize properly their information.

The way people do now marketing on the Internet changed.

Almost of the sites try to provide their visitors with the videos instead of Html pages.

Roulette Number site follow the same principle and in several minutes any player can understand very easy what is all about.

So finally what can I say about Roulette Number Site and about the software they sale.

The software is related to roulette and it is an auto play software which follow a special roulette strategy and do bets for you.

Also as I suppose possible there are some ways to configure it.

What I like the most in Roulette Number software is the use of a dynamic progression.

I even can’t remember if I saw something like this before.

Anyway very smart idea.

From the roulette software I know only Roulette Scripter Studio can do this.

Anyway till the moment nobody from Money Maker Machine Network made a script based on this idea.

I don’t know why but let hope in future somebody will disassemble the idea on which is based Roulette Number and will provide all roulette players with an open source roulette script of it.

First Verdict on Roulette Number:

A well organized site and a very good software based on a smart strategy with a dynamic progression.


As you see above that is Roulette Number Review Part 1

Here I will post an update related to Roulette Number Site after some months.

Why this update?

The answer will be very simple.

The site was modified and since that time many things changed.

The software was improved and now it offer much more new features if to not talk about new offered casinos platforms.

By the way I hope you understood what do Roulette Number Software:


Internally Roulette Number Software did not changed.

It has the same user friendly interface and the most important thing is the dynamic progression.

When I reviewed Roulette Number Software for the first time this was exactly the feature pointed my attention.

Related to other features then you can find them elsewhere.

From my side Roulette Number Software should have any roulette newbie.

I do not want to say that it will suit the best for professionals.

The main reason is that all it can do is to play a strategy based on numbers using a dynamic progression based on your casino balance.

This is exactly the single feature make it totally different from many others.

Really I did not saw any other roulette sites which offer something like this.

Related to roulette players who had success with it then all I can say will be based on their site and on people sent to me positive feedbacks.

Really people like Roulette Number Software and on site are a lot of happy customers.

By the way I also have a copy of this software.

Better to say I have the version which include everything.

I played with Roulette Number Software and I can say the same customers said on their site.

Possible you will want to ask me if I use this software everyday and If I make consistent profit.

I will tell you the truth.

I do not use only Roulette Number Software.

I use many other roulette software including roulette software from: Money Maker Machine and Roulette Player.


This is quite simple to explain!

In order to have everyday success one strategy is not enough!

Casino learn always your strategy and soon it will kill your balance.

If you want to avoid such type of problems change always your roulette strategy.

So this is what exactly I do when I play roulette.

Final Verdict on Roulette Number:

Roulette Number Software must have any roulette player and the most important is that the dynamic progression is a must have future.

Anyway if you still want to win on roulette do not forgot that the first thing you must do is to stop losing this is why please check my 2018 roulette scam list.