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Roulette Labs or a children’s story and it start here…

Usually I start from the begin but looks like is more interesting to start from the end.

So what forum?

Nobody know because a such forum do not exist!

Which is the Blog name?

Again this is a big secret!

As you see from About us page here are all sign that we deal with a scam.

Once the site is based on a scam then believe me the roulette software they offer also is based on a scam.

I know about their investor and it is called Casino Affiliate Program.

How Roulette Labs works?

As you see the software will give you output data based on some input data.

Now the main question is how to be with the wrong information?

What will be if the casino will enter on site and put wrong data?

Do you want to say that the casino do not know about this site?

Once I know about it and once it is ranked on the first page on Google for “roulette software” keywords then casino for sure know about it.

Roulette Labs is a good software for casino and never for roulette players!

I asked about this software on Money Maker Machine Forum and I hope here will come some people who used it.

Roulette Labs Community

Based on this stats I am not sure how to analyze all this data but let I will try some things.

If Today Roulette Labs users made 18394 Euro then during one year they will make 6 713 810 Euro

Really this is a lot!

If Today Roulette Labs users made 18394 Euro and there are 1711 Active users then this is something more than 10 Euro per user per day.

This is nothing!

Verdict on Roulette Labs:

Based on Roulette Labs stats I am not sure where users make money but for sure at least several people there make some good money and these people are site owners.

On the other hand I am not sure how this stupid idea can work.

Finally is very easy to check it with RNG STUDIO from Money Maker Machine.

For more roulette scams just check my 2018 roulette scams investigation.