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I am sure Roulette Hit is a scam and I will prove this!

Update September 2018:

Already 2 years since I paid last time attention to this scam.

Not sure how many players was scammed but the answer may be on the site.

Due to the fact that the software can be purchased for 250 Eur instead of 500 Eur we can calculate how much made these scam artists.

So 5915 customers * 250 Eur = 1 478 750 Eur

Are these all money they made?

For sure not! Let not forgot because they works also in a casino affiliate program and this time for almost all casinos platforms.

Please read bellow my old investigation made in November 2016 and you will understand how the roulette scam progresses.

With more updates related to this scam I may come latter.

At this time there nothing changed expect they covered more casino platforms and as they state they can predict everything in this world.

The first thing to which you must pay attention is that Roulette Hit is a roulette prediction software so the risk of scam now is a bigger than 99%

Now let see what exactly do Roulette Hit and here please check next Screen:

This is it and I am sure this is the same story about a roulette software which win in fun mode and lose in real money mode.

So the same as always you enter 6 numbers in Roulette Hit Software and it return the next numbers to land but be careful because this work only in fun mode!

On the other hand nothing strange because this site also Roulette Hit Software is a part of big scam network.

I want to recommend another my investigations all related to the same scam scheme:  Roulette Money Maker ScamRoulette Beater ScamRoulette Clapper ScamRoulette Winner Scam and so on.

Really there are a lot of scams like Roulette Hit this is why check our roulette scams section.

Now let talk about money 500 Eur or 250 Eur with the discount for Roulette Hit Software.

Let me tell you something about “Payza”

This is a payment processor very good and flexible for scam artists.

Better read Payza Scam Prevention page->

Now when you know that Roulette Hit is a scam I consider my job done!

Verdict on Roulette Hit Scam:

Is still very strange why such type of scams still exist but I suppose why.

All is related to so called roulette players education where players believe in miracles.

Instead of getting a good roulette software and playing on his own the players usually pay for a scam.

If to recommend something then I will recommend to focus on roulette software capable to play any type of roulette strategies instead of one or several.

For sure you  should look for a fully automated roulette software or how other call them “auto play”

The last part of this big task should end with a community based only on real roulette players and for sure fully protected from different scam artists which always try to enter in.

By the way I can recommend you one: Money Maker Machine but finally you decide if this is for you or not.