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Roulette Geeks is first my review for a site related to keyword “roulette”.

What to say about roulette geeks?

Not bad but for sure not enough to know hot to win on roulette.

On the other hand Roulette Geeks site is perfect for roulette newbies and a future roulette losers.

The Basics of Roulette from roulette geeks

After investigating this paragraph I can say that here is no more than general information which can be found anywhere on the Internet.

Anybody know that exist live and online roulette also that online roulette is based on RNG and so on.

Roulette Geeks owner simple write some text only to be written.

Types of Roulette

Here again the same. All know that exist European, American and French Roulette.

So nothing new!

I can say even more at this time we can find more than 50 type of different roulette games.

Any casino software developer try always to come with something new only to get more and more players.

How To Play

How to play paragraph is so short.

In this case I will recommend then my resources.

Try Money Maker Machine and find there products for roulette also forum for roulette.

Step by Step Guide from roulette geeks

Really this is only for roulette newbies.

From my side this a waste of time for an average player and very useful for a roulette newbie because these are the players any casino like.

By the way if you are an average or advanced roulette player possible is a reason to check Roulette Player Forum.

House Advantage

House advantage or why casino always win?

We all know about this and such information is posted on any casino site this is why is no reason to copy it again.

Bet Types

About Bet Type in roulette all is simple but this always is related to strategy you will want to play.

How to Win from roulette geeks

I read carefully this paragraph and everything is about fairy tales.

No! They do not know how to win because they do not have what to offer!

I recommend to find a forum based on real roulette players also some good roulette software.

I am sure there is the answer!

Tips & Key Tactics from roulette geeks

Starting from this paragraph the Roulette Geeks Author start to go more into the right direction.

Looks like he know about a thing called roulette strategy and possible even more than this.

So there we can hear about some well know roulette strategies like: Martingale, D’Alembert,Fibonacci, …

Finally there are only several roulette strategies!

For more roulette strategies you have to search on the Internet but I am ready to give you much more roulette strategies.

Do you want more roulette strategies not from roulette geeks?

Then go to roulette player net roulette systems board because there are more than 300 free roulette strategies.

Also there a  more than 10 fully automated and auto play roulette projects.

Platforms, Operators & Licenses

This part or so called platforms is a very important thing.

What this mean?

All is about the company which develop casino software and we call this casino provider.

Is very important to know who develop casino software in order to know later which roulette software to use to be compatible with your casino.

In case of Money Maker Machine which is the Biggest Roulette Software Provider we have Playtech.

Top Online Roulette Casinos by roulette geeks

In this section the site owners usually advertise casinos so is no reason to take seriously that data.

Winning Strategies & Systems from roulette geeks

Roulette Systems represent a big world but is a big shame to have here described and analyzed only several of them: Martingale, Reverse Martingale, D’Alembert, Reverse D’Alembert, Fibonacci, Reverse Fibonacci, Labouchere, Reverse Labouchere, Oscar’s Grind, Paroli,Cover The Table, Flat Betting.

I said several!

There are more than 10 000 available roulette systems!

At least RBS has more than 6000 roulette systems and DCS have another more than 600 roulette systems and we talk here only about several.

Now I know why roulette players continue losing on roulette and this is simple to explain!

Such sites was made by casinos or at least them work for casinos!

Roulette Bots not from roulette geeks

Internet is full of roulette bots and here we can find only Roulette Bot Pro.

Click here for a Roulette Bot Pro review.

If you are looking for more bots check Money Maker Machine Roulette Bots!

Click here to check all Money Maker Machine Roulette Robots.

Academic Writing on Roulette

If you want the biggest nonsense then this paragraph is exactly about this.

Further Resources from roulette geeks

Usually people like to do a link exchange and this is the case of this section.

From my side is no need even to spend time on this.

Glossary & Key Terms

I think this is a joke. There are only several pages so is no need for a glossary.

Strategy Simulator from roulette geeks

The most stupid strategy simulator can be found on Roulette Geeks site and this is the truth.

Verdict on roulette geeks: Roulette Geeks is a site for roulette losers but if you consider yourself a winner try to avoid such sites.