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Again about roulette frauds? Sure again because due to roulette frauds you become blind and do not see many other very useful things.

How many roulette frauds I know?

More than you can imagine and about which I do not have time to write here.

I made a lot of reviews. Take a look on Roulette Scams section!

Also check some outside forums like: Money Maker Machine Forum or Roulette Player Net Forum

There are some sections related to roulette frauds or how other call them roulette scams.

If the site you may be interested in are not there simple ask on the forum because it may be also a fraud.

Anyway is hard to say if the site is fraud or not because there are not some strict rules which may point that a specific site is fraud or not.

Related to roulette frauds then usually people call as fraud everything do not win on roulette.

I have my point of view and as a fraud I can call everything which force a casino player to lose 100%

But if the player has full control under the game then this for sure can not be considered as a fraud.

Example: Let say you have a software capable to play your strategy.

I mean an auto play roulette software.

The strategy is open source and you load by yourself the strategy to play.

In this case we can not call anything like this as a fraud!

Usually a roulette fraud I can associate with casino affiliate schemes but for sure this is not about all casino affiliate schemes.

I will highlight more those type of casino affiliates which state to have a wining roulette system and which ask roulette players to deposit more and more.

Finally do not forgot that such type of casino affiliates schemes simple make money making players losing more and more.

Due to the fact that in average casino give 25% from the players loses then in order to make 100 units the player have to lose 400 units.

I know some casino affiliates may give you up to 40% and even more but finally all will depend on how many deposits was during the months.

Verdict on roulette frauds:

In order to avoid of being scammed please check different roulette forums. As more you will search as bigger you will save from your pocket in future.

If you want to know how works Roulette Affiliates Frauds please check next topic: Roulette Affiliate Scam on Futura Capital