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Which roulette forum is the best?

To answer to this question my investigation will be based on top 3 best roulette forums.

Whole investigation is divided into 3 parts: Roulette Forum CC, VLS Roulette Forum and Money Maker Machine Roulette Forum.


First of all let see if this is something unique or we can still find another sites based on the same idea.

Before to start I want to say that I really like this site and how it is organized.

From what I know the owner of this site is the same person who created VLS Roulette.

On the Internet we can find that VLS Roulette belong to Steven Hourmouzis.

I don’t know what to think about this!

I only may suppose that VLS Roulette and Roulette CC possible later was sold to Steven Hourmouzis.

If this is like I said then all works like a place to collect information about players.

At least this is what I suppose but I may be wrong.

Now let talk a little about this site.

On the Internet you can find several sites based on this idea.

The first site based on this idea was Money Maker Machine Forum.

After followed VLS Roulette Forum and some years ago this one.

All are based on the same idea.

I mean all talk about roulette systems but only on Money Maker Machine Forum you will be able to test it fully and even to automate it.

On both sites Roulette Forum CC and VLS Roulette we can see a lot of registered members but I am not sure how many of them are real and active.

Verdict on Roulette Forum CC:

Roulette Forum CC is the VLS Roulette Forum with several small improvements.

If you want only to talk about roulette systems and nothing more than you can stay on any of them.

If you need something real please consider to go to Money Maker Machine Forum.

It is the first network to test fully your idea and even automate it.


For today I will try to review VLS Roulette Forum and to tell you what I think about it.

Somebody on the Internet said that this forum belong to Steven Hourmouzis.

I am not sure but maybe he bought this site after it received some good traffic.

If this is exactly like I said then possible soon I will be able to confirm this.

If you will check this site then you for sure will find out which is it.

I think this roulette forum appeared in 2007 as a response to Money Maker Machine Roulette Forum

I want to tell you that between Money Maker Machine Forum and VLS Roulette Forum exist a big difference even if both are related to roulette.

Once VLS Roulette Forum members only talk about roulette systems the Money Maker Machine Roulette Forum members develop and test them.

Do not forgot Money Maker Machine is the biggest worldwide roulette software provider.

At this time VLS Roulette Forum have more than 5000 members but I am not sure how many of them are real and active.

Money Maker Machine Roulette Forum have a little more than 200 members but all are real players and I am sure there are much more.

Verdict on VLS Roulette Forum:

If you want only to talk about roulette systems then VLS Roulette Forum is for you.


What can I say?

First of all it is more than a simple roulette forum.

I will call it a roulette software and roulette strategy forum.

All there are based on call to action idea.

Now a little about Todays Roulette Market.

During the last years the market really changed and there appeared some new roulette forums where 50% of them are maintained and controlled by the biggest worldwide roulette scam networks.

Which are these roulette forums and what to avoid?

I think you have to spend some time and find them. Also do not forgot to notify us if you found something new.

Now let better I will tell you what I was not able to found but which is 100% related to the best roulette strategy forum.

As I remember there should be also Money Maker Machine Forum and really it was always one of the best.

It is the biggest and most trusted but still not sure why it is not available on Google?

There can be found more than 300 free available roulette systems all in an open source format.

Also you can take a look on Roulette Player Net Forum which also has a strong base of free roulette systems.

Anyway Internet if full of roulette forums so just use any you consider will suit the best your needs.

I can confirm that even general forums which contain sections related to any casino games can be good for you because on almost of them roulette section is present.

Related to which is the best roulette strategy forum then I will vote for Money Maker Machine Roulette Forum!

Why Money Maker Machine has the best roulette strategy forum?

First of all because Money Maker Machine is the biggest roulette software provider and the second because it offer a complete solution for any roulette player.

What this mean and how this is related to best roulette strategy forum?

People from Money Maker Machine do not simple talk about roulette strategies but also can automate and play any of them.

If you think members there use only one roulette strategy then you are very wrong.

There are more than 10 000 free available roulette strategies and all are free but be careful we talk only about free roulette strategies and not about free roulette software.

The roulette software on Money Maker Machine site is paid while the offered roulette strategies come for free.

One of the most important thing is that any of these available roulette strategies was developed and shared for free by their community members and be ready to get there any times anything new.

Verdict on best roulette strategy forum:

This was my point of view related to the best roulette strategy forum but if you know something better let me know and I will review it.

To end I want to recommend also another roulette strategy forum located on Roulette Player Net Site.