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As I announced before on Money Maker Machine Forum for Today I plan to review roulette fair site.

So all is about a roulette software capable to predict the next landed numbers.

Even if the site state that it has 3598 customers I am not sure if these are winners or losers.

Finally this does not matter because any loser has a chance to become later a winner sure if it will get the proper approach.

Another thing pointed my attention are their testimonials which look 100% fake.

If you think these people are real just try to find them!

Believe me these are some fake pictures from the Internet.

I remember one of my previous reviews, when somebody stated to be Bill Gates only because he never heard or know who is this.

Now let I will say next: We are two big mathematics and will post next photo.

How do you think which of these two is me?

The same happen always with all fake testimonials and this is very actual especially for roulette market.

Roulette Fair Advantages

Do you believe there are 20 experts on Roulette Fair Site?

Maybe a small team based on 20 people which work hardly together with casino and all are setup on casino share revenue plan.

These people state that they work in this industry for 10 years even if the site have next mark: © 2015-2016 RouletteFairdotcom

Here even is no need to look for a scam because only home page is full of scam.

Roulette Fair Software

If to read the description then we can see that this is a very simple software based on random numbers selection.

Also possible it has something which will work only in fun mode.

I asked for help on Money Maker Machine Forum so look like soon somebody who used this site will make here some comments.

Verdict on Roulette Fair Scam:

Roulette Fair is nothing more than a simple affiliate scheme and which only state that it software is based on analyze.

I am sure there all is random.

If you want to see some real roulette software based on analyze I recommend to check Money Maker Machine Full Package.

There are several roulette software like: RNG Studio, AVSB, AVSB PRO, X2VS1, X3VS1, X8VS1.

All these roulette software really deal with roulette analyze.