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Roulette Computers refer more to some hardware things.

Each hardware need a software part this is why my investigation may look quite complex.

Anyway I will not try to go into complex things and will be shortly.

I suppose these devices are for roulette number prediction.

Still not sure how accurate them can be.

So what can I say about roulette computers?

I may suppose them may be on some point effective but only for your own home personal roulette.

The truth can be found only from people purchased them.

I hope in one day somebody may share with us his experience related to them.

Related to the price then it is high but possible such devices worth it.

On this market exist several serious competitors for such roulette devices.

I don’t know which of them are better and who have really good roulette computers.

I expect to find the answer from the comments or posts of our community members.

Verdict on roulette computers:

The site and these roulette computers devices are for live roulette.

Related to how good or bad are each of them I expect to find out from real roulette players.

I still prefer online roulette and still to avoid headache from live roulette.

In the same time I may play live roulette but not in a land based casino.

For sure many roulette players will prefer land based casinos and they still searching for such devices.

To end I want to warn all about 2018 roulette scams.

Also if you will find out some more information about roulette computers share it on money maker machine forum.

There you can find a lot of roulette software and more than 10 000 free roulette systems.

I think such type of devices are for people who managed to win on online roulette.