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After a short investigation I discovered that Roulette Clapper is not a new scam but it is the same old scam which only come as a new name.

Click here to find the same scam based on the same idea and on the same software.

In Internet it is know under many names including also next names: Roulette Clapper, Roulette Beater , Roulette Money Maker

And the most important you must know all these sites use the same roulette software.

Sometimes the version and the interface may differ but in the end all are the same.

How to fall into the scam like Roulette Clapper Scam?

In generally is very easy to fall into it so all you should do is to search for next keywords:

  • What is the best Roulette Software 2015
    Roulette Clapper 2015
    New Roulette strategy 2016
    Win for sure on every casino 100% rate
    New 2016 Roulette Casino Predicting Software
    Roulette Program 100% win rate

For example on YouTube I also found several videos!

Do not trust to them! All work in fun mode! I already posted before about this roulette scam scheme!

Note: There is available also a version which work in Real Money Mode but only on scammer computer and via TeamViewer.

On some YouTube videos comments are disabled while on some of them are moderated.

Another part of scam is that there is not involved only one person.

I am sure there work a big network of scammers.

I didn’t a too big investigation in this direction but based on the first look I found there several emails related to Roulette Clapper Scam: [email protected] and [email protected]

The scam is advertised on several sites also on some big well known blogs.

As I said before there may be involved several scammers which use several sites and several email addresses.

In the same time I agree with people questions related not only to Roulette Clapper Scam:  if this software is so spot on ,then why isn’t there a free trial for players to test before buying . cos to be honest if this truly works then many would buy after free trial ???

Verdict on Roulette Clapper Scam: Stay away from such type of scamms like:Roulette Clapper, Roulette Beater , Roulette Money Maker . Them may come under different names but finally all are based on the same idea where scammers say that they had a prediction software where you enter the numbers landed into the casino and the software predict what will land next.

On the other hand if you are interested in roulette prediction software I want to recommend you roulette software based on analyze idea: AVSB, AVSB Pro, RNG Studio, X2VS1, X3VS1, X8VS1

Any of these roulette software do not deal with roulette prediction but are real roulette analyzers.

Better to get and pay for something you can touch and use instead of being scammed.

Update: I found another site which run the same scam scheme as Roulette Clapper! Will make a review soon! Please check our site at least every week and I will inform about other scam sites based on this idea. Also do not forgot to report here any other new scam or ask me about anything based on Roulette Clapper and I will answer or do a new review.

To be fully update please check my 2018 roulette scams investigation.