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Roulette Bot Pro review was done in 2009 by Money Maker Machine

MMM is the biggest worldwide provider of roulette tools for online and live roulette players.

This site provided us also with another set of reviews related to other roulette sites which we will post soon.

For the moment enjoy this review and try to understand why you are still a loser and no guarantee that you will be able to change himself but who knows.

Today is another hard day once I have to review another useless roulette system – ROULETTE BOT PRO.

Before to continue please be informed about other roulette scams.

But let see and to find out why the seller sale it if it bring millions. 🙂 Just a joke.

So let start with Roulette Bot Pro

Most of you possibly don’t know who is real owner of this site but this is the internet where people have different names but this doesn’t matter because I will call him Tiago.

Yes maybe now his name is Matt and tomorrow will be Matt Pro but I will use Tiago because this doesn’t matter.

So I see an updated site with some new features but the question is that if the players expectation was solved or not.

Some info from the past about the site owner.

So he started some months ago with a free software with a lot of bugs and with donation system.

As I know only one member called Thomas Grant made some donations so as you understand with such money nobody will be able to make something that may function without bugs.

Finally that software nobody used and after he made a commercial software called Roulette Bot Pro.

For the first time the owner gave refund but after a lot of complains he changed the site and moved to PayPal and removed the option to receive refunds because as I suppose at least 90% of customers asked for it.

So this was some info from the past but let see what surprise he prepared for us today.

I see new version called Roulette Bot Pro 2 and I hope this version is better then previous that most of the customers already called it Roulette Bot Pro – Professional Money Loser.

100$ in 73 seconds with Roulette Bot Pro?

Is there any difference if the player will make 100$ in 5 min or 10 min or even 30 min but guaranteed?

I think not.

So this is used only as advertising on Roulette Bot Pro.

Another fact is that 100$ don’t prove that we deal with a guaranteed winning system because every gambler can win 100$ so I think we deal in this case with a luck.

Related to the fact that he play in real money mode then here is nothing new because every gambler play in real money mode to win at least 100$.

But I am not sure that this can be the best advertising method while the software cost also around 100$.

So I recommend to Tiago or so called now Matt the owner of Roulette Bot Pro to make a video how his roulette system will make not 100$ but at least 1000$ and not to show only the start and the end of the game but every step because only this can be used as the prove.

At least MMM Network provide only such prove and recommend this to all worldwide roulette sellers.
Look here our real money video presentation for 
1000$ profit

So on the first page I wasn’t able to find the download link like I expected but instead of the download there exist a box to put your email for spam. So you can try this method if you want beside a lot of emails to receive also trial version.

Let move forward and see Roulette Bot Pro Feature List:

Will you say a lot of features for Roulette Bot Pro?

Be careful the same have most of the current available roulette systems.

Some a lot of features are not even important for the players.

At least if you are gambler who like to risk the money then this is the best software can help you to lose your money.

But at least I am happy that he learn from us what to do but now such system is only history and nobody is interested anymore in such methods because them don’t work.

So this is pure gambling using some losing methods or you can even configure your own losing method.

Now let see step by step every new feature was added to the new version because the old was not perfect.

Only these 3 features? I think this is a joke because I expected all.

MMM Network have Roulette Scripter Studio that can work with all roulette elements and can play any type of strategies and not only these 3.

Very bad to release a new version and to not give to the players what they expected to see but I think in some weeks we may see Roulette Bot Pro 3.

But let forget about this and to move forward because I am already disappointed.