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I think this will be my last investigation of Roulette Bot Plus Scam.

By the way I made another review before.

Now let see what changed since that time and I can say not too much except that the Roulette Bot Plus Scam was improved.

If you will read my previous Roulette Bot Plus Review then you will be able to see how it was improved.

As I remember there was some things hard to believe but which was already solved.

Anyway I am happy somebody still read our reviews.

But let see where is the scam?

I do not want to talk here about their free roulette software also what it do and how it do because we already talked about this in my previous review.

If somebody want to find out more check it also the comments from our visitors and you will understand what is all about.

I want to talk more about 100 000 active users which really is a big amount but I do not think this is possible for a scam.

Maybe during all this time they had 100 000 downloads but this do not mean these users are still active.

Now let check the amount was earned by these active users which is more than $ 9 000 000

This is really big amount but Roulette Bot Plus Scam is only a scam!

Now let count how much made each player in average.

$ 9 400 000 divide to 100 000 active users = 94$

so 94$ since 2009 and right now is 2016 and these are 7 years

let divide 94$ to 7 years = $13.42 per year or $1.11 per month

Is something wrong here with Roulette Bot Plus Scam?

Roulette Bot Plus active users make in average 1$ per month?

Based on my data Roulette Bot Plus Scam active user make really 1$ per month!

Still not sure how much cost the electricity but where is the profit?

You should know Roulette Bot Plus user can make more than 1$ only if other users will lose.

If 99% of Roulette Bot Plus Scam users will lose then the profit can grow at least 100 times!

Verdict on Roulette Bot Plus Scam:

From my side Roulette Bot Plus was made by some stupid scam artists.

Not sure is they somehow finished the school but the problem is on the site.

If somebody was victim of Roulette Bot Plus Scam then sorry if you do not know a little mathematic.

Take a look on Money Maker Machine products and you will understand the difference between a real roulette software and a scam.