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Roulette Book got my attention only because it is advertised by Google even if Google do not allow Gambling advertising.

Anyway let see what Roulette Book offer.


The first paragraph start with exactly what you want to hear and continue for some pages.

Once this was done the next step is to convince you that here is a roulette expert which know how to win on roulette.

The next step will be to convince you to play with big amount of money something like 2000 GBP.


The answer is simple: this is a casino affiliate and he will make money from your loses.

Believe me with starting balance of 2000 GBP any losing and stupid roulette system will be able to win even with martingale progression.

As you see you have to deal here with the biggest scam ever!

Still not sure why Google still allow this but let say nobody from Google know.

Now let see how really make money this site.

As you see here are sold one E-Book and the price depend on the number of pages.

From my side I consider Roulette Book one of the most stupid and ineffective method of scamming people.

And now the last!

Once paid you never will be able to get the money back.

Just think if worth to spend your money on something we call black box.

Now let do a summary for Roulette Book:

The site offer for sale an E-Book which start from 600 euros and end with 2200 euros.

The price will depend on the number of pages you will purchase.

Roulette Book claim to have the secret on how to win on roulette and this secret is described in it e-book.

On the other hand the site recommend to put on casino account a balance of 2000 GB to be able to win while playing with their advertised roulette systems.

Verdict on Roulette Book:

Be sure this is a scam!

The site do no offer refund and you will pay for a black box.

If you already was scammed by Roulette Book let the other know about this.

I am sure if there are some valuable roulette systems then soon all will be automated on Money Maker Machine Site.

Looking for more roulette scams? Then check my 2018 roulette scam investigation.