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Roulette Beater – If you will ask me where are these members then I will tell you simple.

Find all them on Money Maker Machine Forum.

So let start Roulette Beater Scam Investigation->

First of all I want to tell you that this is not a site like any other but a simple page made on blogspot.

Also I can tell you that it contain some videos, some links to other external sites which I think belong to the same person.

By the way to not forget there can be found also a link to the software.

I didn’t tested it but I think you will do this and will share your experience with us here.

Related to the price I can’t say it is low or high but don’t forget this is roulette so I am sure you know what to expect from this game.

I know Roulette Beater secret but about it I will tell you below.

Now let see where point other their links.

So if you want to use Roulette Beater software in online casinos based on Playtech platform then they will forward you to one of their site.

As you see this is an affiliate site.

Now let see where point other their links.

This is another affiliate site where you can find casinos this time based on Microgaming platform.

Again casinos recommend to be used with Roulette Beater software.

This one is another site this time related to bonuses.

Why Roulette Beater recommend to take bonuses?

This is very simple to explain.

If you will take a bonus from the casino then the chance that you will be able to withdraw your money easy will be very low.

Verdict on Roulette Beater:

Roulette Beater page posted on Blogspot is no more than an affiliate scheme.

It will allow you to download Roulette Beater software which will help you to lose your money very easy.

There is also an option to pay for this software but this is not the most important thing and the seller even don’t care if you will buy or not his software because anyway you will lose and he will receive % from your loses from the advertised casinos.

Finally feel free to let us know about your experience with this software via comments or posts on our forum.

If you want to report a new scam or want to check if a site is a scam please do this on Money Maker Machine Forum.

For the last 2018 roulette scams please check on this site the roulette scams section.