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Roulette Bandit Part 1


Roulette Bandit review was done for the first time in 2009 by members of Money Maker Machine.

Money Maker Machine is the biggest worldwide provider of roulette software for roulette.

This site provided us also with another set of reviews related to other roulette sites which we will post soon.

At the moment enjoy ROULETTE BANDIT review and try to understand why you are still a loser.

Another roulette site which want to tell us how we can become rich.

Finally not the first and not the last but let investigate it and decide if it worth our money.

Roulette Bandit site have several pages with the info to convince you to buy it’s advertised product.

I am on the main page of the site and there are only what roulette players want to hear.

Analyzing the above info I can say that there is nothing interesting except one fact.
The seller said that he cracked the code.

I am not sure!

If he did this then he will have very big legal problems and for sure not only him but all who will use his system because it is not legal.

Remember Crack is not legal!

You may suppose what will follow after…

I am sure this is no more then an advertising trick!

Another stupid thing is next “finally cracked the code to online roulette

I can’t understand how such seller can crack the code to online roulette?

He don’t know how operate any online casino or how is built an online roulette game.

First of all he should know that every online roulette game is based on RNG and every casino have it own RNG.

Sure some casinos may have the same RNG only in case them was build by the same software provider.

Here are a lot of things we should analyze before to say something like this but this is not our goal.

I have only one verdict related to ROULETTE BANDIT SYSTEM!

Or the seller don’t have any idea about online roulette.

Or he think all roulette players are stupid.

Or this is only a info that will help him to sale his product.

Let move forward and find out more about other miracles related to ROULETTE BANDIT system.

The seller already analyzed whole roulette market and prepared information want to hear every roulette player.

The first question is if Roulette Bandit system work’s or not?

I am not sure why the seller do this but look below.

If the seller said that Roulette Bandit is Scam then this is it!

Let move deeper and learn how scam artists works.

Yes you got our attention!

In case what you said on your site is real and you have cracks then you will pay also attention to special agency who fight against hacks and cracks.

This is not so important for the moment because our goal is to keep players informed.

If to analyze the above image then what I can say?

You don’t have any idea related to how online casinos works so then how you can make a winning roulette system?

You wrote that all the casino do is that it fight against Martingale and any progressive systems.
This is stupid to say!
I will recommend to learn more before to say something.
From what you wrote till now you don’t have any idea of roulette and you are not even IT related.
I think all you can do is to put some text in Notepad and this is all.