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I think in this post I will talk about two possible different things one called roulette and another roulette artificial intelligence.

Possible both are very different this is why I will start with the first and will end with the second.

In case of roulette we must talk about RNG module which is exactly the thing responsible for the generation of random numbers.

Also here I want to highlight a software called RNG Studio from Money Maker Machine.

With this roulette software you will be able to build your own rng module and test your roulette system before to use it for real money play.

Believe me if your roulette system will be capable to win on all rng modules generated by rng studio then this mean you have a winning roulette system!

Be sure this is the best available roulette tester!

How it works?

You enter rng code and the software generate random numbers.

Many of you will say that exist a lot of such software but I want to tell you that it is unique because it is capable to generate more than 4294967296 rng modules each with a sequence of 4294967296 random numbers.

As you see this is a big place for a complete investigation.

Now let move to the second thing called Roulette Artificial Intelligence.

Why Roulette Artificial Intelligence?

This is simple to explain because only a system with Artificial Intelligence will be capable to build an universal system capable to win on all 4294967296 rng modules each with 4294967296 sequence of numbers.

How about Todays big companies which have much more possibilities than any other else?

I am sure most of you think that Apple or Google or Microsoft may be the companies which will develop artificial intelligence but I can  assure you that no one of them will not be the first and possible even not the second which will  succeed in this filed

The most important is the approach to this but as we know almost all of the companies which started in this field started from a wrong way.

Some of these companies even invested big amount of money but once all started wrong we can suppose which will be the result.

In the next 4-5 years the world will start to change a lot and I am not sure if todays big companies will exist anymore.

The main idea is that artificial intelligence will change it and this is exactly the thing which will not need to be sold.

The company or corporation which will own Artificial Intelligence will be able to move on the next level.

I do not talk about somebody who will control the world because really there is no reason for this!


Both things roulette and roulette artificial intelligence discussed in “Roulette Artificial Intelligence”  article has one common idea called game of mind and this is all.

Anyway if you are a real roulette player please check my 2018 roulette scam investigation and be protected.