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Roulette Antivirus – the most recommended Anti Virus Software for any online roulette player.

I am sure you have an Anti Virus Software and is no need to explain why you need it.

The next question is which of them is the world best?

I recommend AVG Free!


For sure not because of it free version but because it is really a smart anti virus software.

Please find below a banner so just click on it to download and install.

Why it is the best roulette antivirus and which is the worst roulette antivirus?

Let start with the worst roulette antivirus.

Based on my experience this is Norton Anti Virus and McAfee and I will explain shortly why is it.

Norton Anti Virus and McAfee trying to be the best it call anything can not be recognized as viruses.

This is a big mistake!

Example: If you will scan with Norton Anti Virus a simple image and a simple Exe software then it will not find there anything strange.

Once you will attach the same image to the Exe file then Norton also McAfee will consider already this Exe as a virus software.

Now the question how from two things which are not viruses you can build a virus?

Avoid Norton and McAfee Anti Virus!

How become that Norton Anti Virus is installed on almost all of worldwide computers?

I will call this Bill Gates Old School.

Usually this is not the user choice and may times the marketing is more powerful than the user mind or user choice.

Now back to the best roulette antivirus or AVG Anti Virus.

What about my experience with it?

I will tell you the truth!

During the last 8 years since I started to use it I did not experienced any problems and the best news is that my Windows Operating System works perfect with it till now 2018.

In the last 4 years I never was forced to reinstall Windows.

Now the most important why I started this post?

All is related to Money Maker Machine Products.

The idea is that only AVG Anti Virus is really smart and allow you to install best roulette software without any problems and very easy.

If you will try to do the same with Norton Anti Virus or McAfee then you will get into many troubles!

Verdict: During the last 10 years since I started to use this software it proved to be one the best Anti Virus software I ever had.

The same happened also with my customers because almost of them had problems before only due to Norton or McAfee Anti Virus which proved to be stupid and very commercial.

If you are afraid on viruses on your computers then for sure you should be afraid also of new 2018 roulette scams.