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Roulette Analyzer – AVSB Console Review

When playing roulette the most important thing is to have a strategy nobody used till now and Roulette Analyzer have it always for you.

At least this is what want all players and I can tell you why they want this.

The answer is very simple and come from posts I saw on Money Maker Machine Forum.

There many players simple think that casino learn how they play and they always need something new.

Roulette Analyzer is exactly the thing solve whole problem.

Now about what I think and what players think. Sure they do not know how internally the casino is built.

So players don’t know that each casino have it own RNG Module.

This is a piece of software capable to generate random numbers.

If players will know how this module work then I am sure the strategies they will use will look differently.

For the moment let see how some of actual roulette players play trying to win at roulette.

Beside of using one or several roulette strategies they use one or more roulette analyze software.

In generally is easy to understand how they play.

Here are many different scenarios which drive into the same direction and one single final destination.

The player always have to wait for an answer from roulette analyzer.

If this analyzer is manual then this will be a very hard job.

Below we will talk about a fully automated real time roulette analyzer called AVSB

This is a very easy to use roulette software where you select casino, RNG module, set progression and start playing.

The software analyze the last landed sequence of colors and suggest which color to bet next.

You should know software is fully automated and all you have to do is to seat down and watch how the software are playing.

During the game you can use Default RNG Module also you can develop your own with RNG Studio software.

Verdict on Roulette Analyzer:

I think this Roulette Analyzer  software is something unique on whole roulette market.

Anyway stay away from 2017 roulette scams and all will be fine.