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I came across ROULEMIND site only today because or it is something new or it started to rank higher on Google recently.

So what is RouleMind?

Update: Now you can find the same scam under the name of RouleGenius.

After investigating whole site I can say that it look more as an affiliate scheme than as a winning roulette system.

Now about the main site idea.

So there is a system called Roule System also a software called RouleMind.

I read the page related to Roule System to understand what is all about but there all is about how good it is and nothing more.

I will say simple: you can find there anything any roulette player expect to hear.

Related to RouleMind software then for me is still not clear if this is a software or web page but I suppose there possible is a software to download.

RouleMind software come in free and paid version.

Related to RouleMind scheme then it work based on two models: casino affiliate scheme + paid version.

For sure you can go for a free version but in this case you have to play in their recommended casinos.

Also you can pay and go for a paid version and play in your own casino.

I am not sure if RouleMind is an automated software or not but I suppose it is not.

By the way while writing this review a pop up window came up: “Hi there,If you have questions or doubts – feel free to ask”

If you have some more time then you can talk with the Live Help Operator but later do not forgot to leave here a comment!

From my side I do not have time to spend with this useless software because I know what is all about.

It is for super rich gamblers which like to play insane.

What I mean by how to play insane with RouleMind?

I mean to deposit big and lose big but possible there may be a small luck and here I mean your personal luck.

Do not forgot this software is only about your luck and your big casino balance.

Verdict on RouleMind:

It is a totally useless software but if you consider I am wrong let me know. I will not call it 100% scam because this is a casino affiliate scheme and nothing more. If you played with RouleMind and won then I am happy for you and for your luck. To end with my investigation I will recommend to take a look on AVSB, X2VS1, X3VS1, X8VS1 and RNG Studio. All these roulette software are related to number prediction for online roulette. If you are looking for something for Live Roulette then RSS or RSS Pro are the best choice but both  are not related to prediction. Anyway you take the last decision and the most important is that it should be smart.